Adventist AIDS International Ministry Snapshots of Activities

October 1, 2019- March 31, 2020

AAIM continues to support more than 65 orphans in Bertoua, Cameroon with food, clothing and school materials. Dr Llaguno visited this place in November 2019 to check on their recent activities.

The grandmothers’ club in Bertoua who are the main supporters of the orphans. They do agriculture, dress making, chicken raising in order to generate funds for the children. Picture with them is Pastor Landryy Mevack who supervises the AAIM program

Free HIV testing during the Kampala Extravaganza  a celebration of the evangelism programs in  Uganda

Dr Peter Landless of the General Conference of SDA visiting the HIV testing booth in Kampala. Through the AAIM programs fighting against stigma and discrimination, many are coming to the open  and discussing  freely about this dreadful disease.

Mpolokeng is one of the orphans in  Maluti, Lesotho who  received help from AAIM. Both parents died when she was at a young age. She became the de facto head of the household taking care of 2 younger siblings. As a result of AAIM’s help, she will graduate as nurse this September 2020.

Faith Alolo with her  mother Alice shown during her graduation from the three year course of Flight Attendant in Kenya. AAIM assisted the family for her to attain her dream.

Francisco has been helped by AAIM to be able to get a job as an assistant teacher. Both his parents passed away when he was in high school.

This is one of the HIV prevention programs for children together Dr Saustin Mfune of the General Conference. Many kids are already exposed to sexual activities as young as 9 years old or even younger. For its programs to be effective, AAIM needs to reach out to these  vulnerable group.

Luz Swanson carrying a vulnerable child in Nyeri, Kenya. During this visit, AAIM was able to help  the income generating  projects for those HIV infected like goat raising, poultry, gardening, hair styling and others. Pictured with her is Helene Mukuri, the Director of Eagle Neema  one of the  HIV Support Agencies AAIM is working with.

Goat and sheep raising for the Masai in Kenya.  This newly introduced income generating activities are in addition to the bakery, tailoring, gardening and bead-curio production.

Thanks to our donors for your constant support for AAIM

in terms of funding, prayers, valuable contributions and many others. May God bless you for your generosity and your tender regard for this ministry