Lectures on COVID and food provision for orphans

Activities from WAD- West Africa Division in Bertuoa, Cameroon.

This report is coming from the Grandmothers’ Club  of Kwipkolota in Bertoua, Cameroon rendered by Pastor Landry Mevack.


The ladies organized a lecture on how to keep safe from corona virus with an attendance of about 60 orphans which the mothers are taking care of.

Grandmother Elise giving a talk on COVID
Ullrich is one of the orphans. She had a vehicular accident resulting in the amputation of her left arm.

Food was given to the orphans after the lecture of COVID  protection. They were also provided with face mask for COVID protection

The orphans were also given lecture on the importance of preventive measures against corona infection like social distancing, wearing of mask, do not touch your face, wash hands thoroughly and others.

They also learnt Practical drill on social distancing.