Meals On Wheels Delivery to Tshepisong Orphanage

Fifty families of People Living with HIV (PLWH), 60 community orphans and 16 orphans in Tshepisong Orphanage and 2 HIV positive orphanage workers plus other workers in the orphanage benefited from the groceries delivered by Meals on Wheels on the 26th of October 2020.


The COVID pandemic resulted in loss of income, financial difficulties, hunger and many others. The arrival of food supplies has alleviated the basic needs in this community. AAIM through Mrs Nellie Llaguno made the arrangement with Meals and Wheels for this compassionate mission. Hopefully, this would be a regular monthly supply until the Covid Pandemic is going to subside.

Thank you to Meals on Wheels for making these food supplies available to Tshepisong.

Reported by Tom Masarara