World's AIDS Day Celebration

Eagle Neema  is  one of the World AIDS Day planning committee members together with other partners who have joined hands with the National AIDS Control  Council (NACC) to make the day a success and these are some of the pictorial summaries of the momentum buildup.

A.  HIV Test Service taking place in the which Red cross supported the activity with as Eagle Neema does the community mobilization/creating awareness on HIV.

B. Mr. Karuga is a healthy youth, an advocate living with HIV who is creating HIV awareness in the community.

C. Community health education by health care worker.

D. A package with sanitary pads, pants,soap maize flour, rice and underwear that will be given to the most vulnerable girls and boys.

E. Adolescent and young people champ-media advocacy.

F. Engagement of youths in a football match.

Be a part of the fight against HIV&AIDS in our community. By Helen Makure

AAIM collaborates with Eagle Neema in their fight against HIV-AIDS in Kenya by supporting some of their self-generating income projects like goat raising, car wash, poultry, gardening, hair salons, and retail stores. Reported by Nellie Llaguno