Eagle Neema March 2021 Report

In order to maintain the gains made in the health sector of fighting HIV stigma and discrimination and supporting the marginalized groups, we need to address the challenges that face our community day to day. One of the main challenges that affect our community is poverty.


AAIM has been one of our partner and supported to improve the livelihoods of our community through actvitities such as:


1.     Household economic empowerment (HES) interventions. These are activities like – Support with Dairy goats, Support with Sewing machines, salon kits, Small kiosks, etc.


2.     Support adolescent girls and young women with sanitary pads to keep them in school so that they can compete fairly with the boys, keep them in school so that they can build their future.


3.     Support church-based sensitization on HIV to retain the gains made to fight the menace. Just to mention but a few.

In the previous months some of our beneficiaries have been support with various intervention and we have seen their lives being changed.

The above picture is one of the beneficiary supported with a dairy goat. He is physically handclapped. This is the second kid from the goat. The first one he reared it and later sold to cater for his wife medical bills. The goats also produces one and a half litres of milk dairy which he uses for nutritional support to his new family. He also sells part of the milk to neighbors thus making an extra coin. He no longer request for support on basic needs as he can now cater for them. His plan is to increase the number of goats to 5 through breeding and rearing from these two.

Utilization of HES Proceeds for HH needs

The below summary shows utilization of proceeds

Utilization of HES proceedsNo. of Caregivers No. of OVC
Business expansion8153025

Eagle Neema acknowledges and appreciates the support that your office through CKC/Union is giving to our less fortune community. The support has gone way too far in improving the livelihoods of our community which has also greatly improved their spirituality and have time to pray together as their spirits have been rejuvenated due to renewed hope.


Eagle Neema remain humbled by your good heart to support even communities that you don’t know. This is a true reflection of the scriptures (Mathew 25: 35-40) May God bless you in all your endeavors’ as you work in his Vine yard.

Reported by:  Hellen Mukure

Photo credits:  Hellen Mukure


Eagle Neema Report